Dates: from Jan. 1, 2020 to Dec. 31, 2021

Funder: La Caixa Foundation (Spain)

Project id: LCF/PR/SR19/52540009

Total Funding: 99,950€

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Housing the most vulnerable is an explicit societal pillar of the European Union since 2017. In Spain, the lack of reliable sources of housing-related data is causing erratic and contradictory judicial decisions with devastating consequences for hundreds of thousands of families. This project seeks to analyze systematically through data science tens of thousands of housing-related court decisions (such as evictions, abusive clauses, or squatting) before and after the beginning of the housing and financial crisis in 2007 to reveal influential decisions that have lead to key jurisprudential or legislative changes. We will also quantify the desired and undesired consequences of such changes. Once those key events are identified, their sources and reasoning will be analyzed, which will help to understand where our housing-related legislation fails and to inspire more coherent and adequate legislation and jurisprudence.

Roger Guimerà

Role: Investigator

Lluc Font-Pomarol

Role: Investigator

Marta Sales-Pardo

Role: Investigator

Angelo Piga

Role: Investigator