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Guimera, R, Danon, L, Diaz-Guilera, A, Giralt, F, Arenas, A.
Phys. Rev. E 68 , art. no. 065103 (2003).

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We propose a procedure for analyzing and characterizing complex networks. We apply this to the social network as constructed from email communications within a medium sized university with about 1700 employees. Email networks provide an accurate and nonintrusive description of the flow of information within human organizations. Our results reveal the self-organization of the network into a state where the distribution of community sizes is self-similar. This suggests that a universal mechanism, responsible for emergence of scaling in other self-organized complex systems, as, for instance, river networks, could also be the underlying driving force in the formation and evolution of social networks.

  • Email network : List of edges of the network of email exchanges between members of an organization.